Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emotional Labour Quiz

The purpose of this 'quiz' is to see if you understand the concept of what Seth Godin describes in his CBC Spark podcast interview as "Emotional Labour" - and for you to demonstrate that you have begun "the act of connecting to another human being and making a change even if it’s not easy for you to do in that moment" in your own way with the social media tools we've learned about this semester.

Here's what I want you to do in today's class:

Write a post on your blog describing in your own words what "Emotional Labour" is.

Include links and screen captures from the websites or blogs of three people or organizations whom you have discovered and have begun to follow who, as Godin says, demonstrate "the priority of creating meaningful connections... creating context and real meaning for people." (In this case, you).

Write about how you have been doing emotional labour in your use of social media.  Include screen captures as evidence of "the difficult work that other people don’t feel like doing today" that you have begun doing.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Uh-oh - I haven't done any of that!"  explain why not - and how you intend to begin doing so before the end of the semester.  Describe your strategy - break it down into steps, based on what you were taught this semester about using social media tools and what Seth Godin describes as "something that shows your expertise, something that’s generous, and most important, something that’s going to spread. Because the essence of what it takes today is not to yell at any individual, but to encourage people who already like you to go get their friends."