Monday, February 13, 2012

Finishing our IWD Posters

We'll continue ( and hopefully complete) our paintings today (February 13th class).  

You'll need to photograph the finished painting, take it into InDesign, and complete the text components.  It should have on it: "International Women's Day", the name of your subject, and (in the bottom corner) the line "Created by 4th Semester Mohawk Graphic Design student, ________(your name)"

Remember that the graphic design component of this assignment comprises the largest portion of the marks, so as you begin to work digitally to finish the project, use this opportunity to modify or finesse any elements that could be working better, including text, colour, values and composition. 

* Important: The finished trim size is 18" x 24" -- make sure you're working with hi res (minimum 300 dpi) files, that you add crop marks and bleed, and that your file is formatted for print colour (CMYK).

The final file (in PDF format) must be submitted by Feb. 21st.  I'll alert everyone to the correct server location once I hear back from Phil.


  1. Hi Leif,
    I just wanted to double check with you; are the final poster dimensions supposed to be 18"x24"? That's what I have written down, but I want to be sure :)
    ~ Jen

  2. Thanks Jen; yes, that's correct - I'll add that to this post! :^)