Thursday, November 15, 2012

IWD 2013 Poster Subjects

Here's a list of who's already taken for International Women's Day, 2013:

Alison Keba: Michelle Mathies, civil engineering technologist at the town of Halton Hills.

Andrew Merola: Julie Payette from Montreal was the first Canadian astronaut to visit the International Space Station, where she operated the Canadarm robotic arm. She has studied and obtained many degrees at a variety of Universities. Her background is in engineering.

Brandon Puim: Kate Braid was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. She has worked as a labourer, apprentice and journey carpenter building houses, high rises and bridges and doing renovations as a non-union, union and self-employed carpenter for many years. During her years in construction she began writing notes about the male culture of construction eventually shaping them into poetry which won her the Pat Lowther Award for best poetry by a Canadian Women.

Erik Sciarra: McMaster anthropologist Dr. Megan Brickley

Fiona O'Reilly: Roberta Bondar, Canada's first female astronaut

Giordano Di Pelino: Dr. Sonia Anand - Hamilton at McMaster University. Helped lead a groundbreaking study that looked at how the interaction of social and biological factors play a role in cardiovascular disease. After that, Anand began new research into heart disease among Aboriginal communities.

Heather Bridge: Lorraine Labrosse: She's a mom from BC. When her kids grew up she decided to pursue a career as a plumber.

Jacqueline Fasser: Perri Tutelman of Richmond, B.C. was named one of Youth in Motion's Top 20 Under 20 this year for her work researching the immune system and cancer growth at the University of British Columbia's Biomedical Research Centre.

James Muehmer: Gail Prosser-Craig is an expert on carpentry and the wiz on the show Canada's worst handyman.When she is not building she is advocating for women who want to get into trades, and is the founder of Women Who Build Stuff, a restoration company in the GTA.

Jeff Marta: Dr. Cheryl Levitt is a rural family physician, academic and teacher, and she has worked tirelessly to promote gender equality and women’s health in family medicine. She won the 2012 Hamilton Women of Distinction award and the Federation of Medical Women of Canada honoured her in 2008 for her achievements.

Jinfang Xu: Dr. Saiedeh N. Razavi, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Chair in Heavy Construction.

Karen Nogas: Shanta Nathwani, IT professional

Karina Marttinen: Dr. Charity Marsh, who holds a position as Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Performance in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina, where she uses her research to connect students with issues (such as identity, community, politics) using indigenous hip-hop. She was also recognized in "Women and Science" by Innovation Canada for International Woman's Day.

Karla Basulto: Helen Irene Battle, the first woman in Canada to earn a Ph.D in marine biology. She is from London Ontario. She was the one who pioneered the idea to use fish eggs to study the effects of cancer causing substances on cells. She also taught at the University of Western Ontario. She also fought for improving the position of woman in universities and encouraged girls so get into the sciences.

Kris Van Santen: Veena Rowat.* She is the first Canadian woman to get her PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Kristen Malstrom: Trina Burton from Hamilton, who now works for a Mississauga custom building and renovation company called Women Who Build Stuff. In 2008 she was awarded a scholarship on behalf of RESCON (Residential Construction Council of Central Ontario) as a student in the Women in Skilled Trades program.

Krystal Fortman: Marla Shapiro, a Canadian medical doctor best known for her journalism in health on CTV News and many more areas. She is also a breast cancer survivor who wrote a book on her experience.

Melissa Forde: Marissa McTasney, the founder and owner of Moxie Trades, is a skilled trades worker. She also designed a line of pink work boots and work gear for other women in skilled trades.

Miriam Hashemi: Heather Sheardown is in Pathology and Molecular Medicine. She has her Phd in Chemical Engineering and is a researcher and professor at Mcmaster University.

Ngoc-Tran Trach: Dr. Josephine Hill, Zandmer/Canada Research Chair in Hydrogen and Catalysis, at the University of Calgary, and recipient of the 2008 Minerva Mentoring Award for encouraging women in engineering, science and information technology.

Nicola Weston: Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas, OC (born 10 May 1946), is a primatologist, conservationist, ethologist, and author of several books relating to the endangered orangutan, particularly the Bornean orangutan. Well known in the field of modern primatology, Galdikas is recognized as a leading authority on orangutans.

Nurcan Kublay: Erika Kangas grew up in northern British Columbia and Sudbury, Ontario. Excelling in math and science, and wanting to pursue a career in aviation she moved to Toronto to attend the Aerospace Engineering program at Ryerson University. She was selected to be a participant in the Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design and Innovation (RIADI) program.
Omi Singh: Lt. Col. Maryse Carmichael. She is the first woman to ever be in the acrobatic flying group; the Snowbirds. She is now the Commanding Officer leading the team.

Patrick Burchill: Esther Marjorie Hill, first woman to enroll and graduate from a Canadian program in Architecture. She was born May 29, 1895 in Guelph, Ontario and passes away January 7, 1985.

Samantha Marsh: Katherine McCurdy-Lapierre - Coordinator of Website Operations at Mohawk College. Katherine updates and designs the main public website for Mohawk College. She takes on other special projects such as teaching and assisting other employees to use the websites content management system. She is card-carrying member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario.

Sarah Fitzgerald: Shirley Marie Tilghman, from Vancouver, British Columbia is a molecular biologist. She conducted pioneering research on the role genes play in the development of the mammalian embryo.

Shannon Proudfoot: Rachel King, a 28 year old woman who has been working as a trim carpenter for3+ years.

Stephanie Donnelly: Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, a professor at McMaster University. Tamara Fletcher: Alice Evelyn Wilson. Born Coburg, Ontario August 26, 1881. Died April 15, 1964. A paleontologist who worked at the Geological Survey of Canada, where she described fossils in papers and books. She lectured and traveled to bring geology to the public, especially children. In 1937 she was the first woman to be elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Tiffany Thompson: Elsie MacGill (1905 - 1980) was the first woman to receive an Electrical Engineering degree in Canada and the first woman aircraft designer in the world. She oversaw the design and production of 1450 Hawker Hurricane airplanes in Canada earning her the nickname "Queen of the Hurricanes". She was also active in women's rights issues and in 1967 was appointed to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women.

Tina Clark: Beverly Major MacIsaac, Quality Control Technician, studied at Mohawk and works at Seimens.

Vanessa Dos Santos: Prof. Monique Frize is a Canadian academic and biomedical engineer knowledgeable in medical instruments and decision support systems. Her book: The Bold and the Brave: A history of women in science and engineering was released by University of Ottawa Press in November 2009.

YeeWa Fung: Veena Rawat*, Electrical Engineer.

(because of a communication mix-up, two people will be doing posters using this particular subject).

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