Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here We Blog Again!

Very exciting: a new group of designers is beginning to implement a vast array of social media tools!

Here's a checklist of sites you need to join as we begin our journey...

Create your blog at Blogger

* Remember that you must choose a blog address that incorporates your name in some way.

* Once you've set up your blog, email me with the URL so I can add you to the Contributors List in the sidebar.

Archive your images on Flickr *

Remember to search for three groups on Flickr that appeal to you and are relevant to the theme or topic you're planning to explore. Begin sharing IF images with those groups when it makes sense to do so (i.e. when your image is appropriate to the theme of that group)

Join the email list at Illustration Friday

Here's how to approach your blog posts:

Begin by exploring my Flickr archives of mid-20th century illustration.

When you find an artist or image that interests you, add that image to your blog post. Explain why that image inspired you and what aspects of that artist's work you intend to incorporate in your own efforts.

Create a minimum of three thumbnail sketches for each topic. Add them to your post. Explain what you're thinking was for those three concepts.

Begin developing the image in whatever manner appeals to you (digital or traditional media - or a combination). Photo treatments MUST be more than just a 'straight' photo. Manipulate them in some manner to make them "illustrative" in some way.

Show work in progress and explain your working process.

Show the final design - and include graphic design elements. Mock the design up to demonstrate its potential usefulness for some commercial purpose (i.e. a movie poster, a brochure, a web page, etc.)

Here's a great example of one working professional's blog posts that is very close to what I'm looking for from you:

 Chris Whetzel's blog

* Remember that each week's topic must be posted by 10 a.m. the following Tuesday - 1 hour before our class - after 10 a.m. that image will automatically be marked zero.


  1. Hi Leif,
    In regards to the last 2 points in this post -- do you not mean 10a.m. Tuesday? We don't have your class on Wednesday :)

  2. Hah. Yes. Thanks for catching that, Jennifer ;^)