Sunday, January 29, 2012

IWD Poster, Painting in Progress

I've had a few people email me to say they won't be in tomorrow because of the snow. Please work on your painting and bring it with you on Tuesday so we can do a class critique in our Portfolio class.

You should be about half way done after Monday's class and be ready to post your work in progress on your blog. I would like to see a step by step as the painting progresses with your written description of what you're doing and why as you go along.

Show at least three photos (more would be better) of progress as we see on Jessica Oddi's blog

This component will be worth 10 percent of your marks for the semester.

As promised, the final painting is not the big part of the mark (for those of you who feel a bit insecure about your painting abilities).

 The marks for this assignment break down as follows:

5% for minimum three thumbnails

5% for minimum 3 colour scheme thumbnails

20% for graphic design of the overall poster as demonstrated by your full size pencil drawing with hand-rendered type in place (see our general graphic design assignment rubric on our class blog for criteria of good graphic design)

10% for thorough step-by-step of work in progress.
(5% this week, 5% next week)

5% for attendance, participation, communication and good attitude

5% for the final file ready for printing on deadline (drop-dead date is end of class, Monday Feb. 20).

* Files handed in late get a zero on this last component.

 Total: 50% of semester.

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