Thursday, January 9, 2014

Semester 4: Getting Started

This semester you're going to do a lot of conceptualization, experiment with different media and techniques and then blog the results of your efforts!

Begin by signing up for a tumblr account. For now, just choose a template that appeals to you. Over the course of the semester, take some time to begin customizing the look of your blog. Design a custom header and install it in place of the one provided in the template.

Visit the Illustration Friday website every week and find the word of the week. Start thinking about how you plan to interpret that word in your design concepts for the following class.

Click through your classmates' blogs (in the sidebar at right) to see how others are interpreting each week's word.

Check our eLearn course homepage a couple of days before class. There may be important new instructions about what materials to bring in the News section on the course homepage.

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