Saturday, February 12, 2011

Illustration Friday: Deja Vu!

Once again, this semester we're participating in the weekly Illustration Friday conceptualization exercises. Because our two classes are slightly staggered, only one group created images for the word "Deja Vu". Here are a few that turned out really well!

Deja Vu

Above: "Your mind flickers back to something you feel like you have seen before, maybe not in this life but maybe in your past." ~ Ephraim Cirillo


Above: "This Image represents deja-vu. Whilst being in the motion of doing something you feel like you have done it before at another time." ~ Amber Matheson


Above: "This is my interpretation of the word Deja-vu. It reminded me of a puzzle. You can never find the piece you need because they seem to always look the same." ~ Ashlee Lloyd

Deja Vu

Above: "What is Deja vu? A confusion of the brain, whether something is fictional or non-fictional." ~ Oahn Tran

deja vu - Must we repeat the past?

Above: "Must we repeat the past?" ~ Derek Lavoie


Above: "Deja vu" ~ Gabe Nikota


Above: "They felt as if they had met in another life" ~ Todd Miles

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